Capital investing

In line with your personal goals and risk appetite

Successful management of wealth goes beyond choosing stocks; it also means making smart choices about asset allocation.

Our consolidated buying power gives us access to an almost unlimited range of investments and portfolio structures. We have over 40,000 investment choices available at reduced costs and lower investment thresholds.

For capital investing we offer:
  • An institutional quality investment experience
  • Fund evaluation and selection based on scientific repeatable processes
  • Access to fund management companies who only show continued stability and integrity
  • Continual performance monitoring across asset classes
  • A detailed, formal report that concentrates on your reasons for investing and helps us to show you possible outcomes for each route taken
  • A long-term investment plan that suits your risk tolerance
  • Clear knowledge of your short, medium and long-term liquidity needs
  • Flexibility over time
  • Informed decision making
Our relationship encompasses:
  • Your personal United Adviser
  • An impartial performance-assessment for your existing investments
  • An assessment of the tax efficiency of your current arrangements
  • Creating your own financial plan
  • Investment recommendations based on the needs of your plan
  • Implementation, financial administration and management
  • Regular monitoring and rebalancing within your risk profile
  • Protection planning
  • Periodic planning meetings to review progress and plan for the future
  • Cross-border expertise

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United Advisers are proud to partner with Purple Strategic Capital (Purple), an INDEPENDENT investment specialist created to provide tailored, sophisticated investment and risk management strategies.  Read more here.