Case Studies

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Using the correct time horizons to reach investment goals

Andres and his wife have a clearly defined goal when it comes to their investments: to save for their three young children’s future education.

While university is still a few years away for their eldest child, they are on track thanks to having made smart decisions based on sound financial advice. But it wasn’t always that way.

The challenge

Andres opened his first investment account with a previous broker while living and working in Mexico. He was saving small yet regular amounts, but the account wasn’t actually making him any money; in fact, he was losing money. In addition, he would only be able to access the funds in that account after his first child starts university.

‘Realising I was losing money was a wake-up call. I said to Nygel, please jump in and help.’

The solution

When we first met Andres in Switzerland in 2015, he expressed his frustration about his underperforming investment account. His former financial adviser hadn’t provided valuable guidance for how best to invest nor fully explained the opportunities available for saving towards his children’s future education. In Andres’s words, his previous adviser was focused “only on me paying him more”.

After reviewing Andres’s situation, we proposed a more suitable account with a shorter time horizon to better align with his investment goal. Understanding that it was also a long-term and higher-risk investment, Andres quickly realised it presented a much better opportunity for his children’s futures.

Nygel helped me to see there were other, better opportunities for investing and always promptly answers my questions – communication is much more open and reactive.”

The result

We now manage a total of four investment accounts for Andres and his wife. They will be able to access funds from at least one of those accounts around the time their eldest child reaches university age. Knowing that, they have peace of mind when it comes to their investments and we have peace of mind knowing Andres’s money is working hard towards reaching his family’s investment goals.

“I have no reason to change brokers again. Why would I? Everything is working. The only ‘change’ I’d welcome is moving from a reactive and controlled way of working to a more proactive, resourceful relationship where we constantly look for more opportunities.”