IFX Marine Currency Tools

IFX Marine Currency Tools let you check that you have the best bank rate for your currency exchange. You can also let IFX watch the market for you using their custom Market Watch tool. These tools are made available to United Advisers Marine as an IFX partner. If you have further currency requirements then please get in touch with the United Advisers Marine Team.

Get the best rate

The Bank Rate Comparison Tool provides an overview of the rates offered by the leading banks. Simply input the amount that you are planning to transfer and the ‘to’ and ‘from’ currencies. Once you’ve done this, the tool will compare the market rates and will highlight who is offering the best rate. You can run the tool with multiple sums and currencies to ensure that you are getting the best deal. The tool will also highlight your potential transfer savings by taking advantage of the best market rate.

Watch the market 

If you have a large sum of money to transfer then getting the best exchange rate can have a significant impact on the value of your transfer. It can be hard to watch the market every day so you can use the Market Watch Tool to do the hard work for you. You need only add your exchange currencies and your desired market rate and IFX will be in touch when the market matches your requirement. Perfect if you have a non-time sensitive transfer or are trying to secure the best rate in a regularly fluctuating market.

Next steps 

To be able to buy or sell currency, you need to set up a trading account. The process is simple and your account is usually activated the day you set it up. Once you have an account you will receive a customised currency management service and have access to the daily IFX Market Report.

The IFX Market report provides a summary of the previous day’s trading activity, a market overview and event updates likely to impact on the market that day. This includes economic releases, stock market indices, and central bank and government announcements. The IFX Market report provides important information to assist you with trading strategies and will inform budgeting and forecasting decisions.

To open your account, for individuals click on “IFX for Individuals”; for corporate clients, click on “IFX for Business”.

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