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Oliver Maher

Director of Business Development

Oliver spends all of his time with clients, helping them plan their financial futures and look after their day-to-day needs. In particular, he looks after new clients to helps them to assess and their immediate and long term needs. He joined us in 2012.

Oliver loves his family, job, sport, music and travel.

He is keen on the extreme. After sky diving over Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, the next personal challenge is currently being thought of.

In times of solitude there is nowhere Oliver would rather be than Courchevel, France – where skiing alone gives him time to think about bigger pictures. Yours and his.


E-mail:  oliver.maher@unitedadvisersgroup.com
Office:   +34 915 620 833
Mobile: +44 7557 083 798
Skype:  olivermaher.unitedadvisers

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