Currency Management

CBS9AKPFQCIf you are an expatriate we are sure you are all too familiar with the inevitable consequences of living abroad, having assets and financial dealings in more than one country, and working in two or more currencies.

Many of us switch currencies and move money from one place to another without giving it a second thought, yet most expatriates are being overcharged on foreign exchange transactions.

Banks typically charge a foreign exchange fee on currency transfers of between 2% and 4% and, for ‘exotic’ currencies, even more.

This may appear immaterial on small transactions but, add a few of those small transactions together over time, or apply the charges to major transfers or asset purchase, such as property purchase or maintenance, salary conversion, and education expenses, and it amounts to a significant cost.

A Better Solution

To offer a professional currency management service to all United Advisers clients we have partnered with Aston Currency Management, a UK company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with over forty years combined experience in the foreign exchange industry, to deliver a high quality service with benefits that go beyond just providing a “better exchange rate”, including:


  • bespoke tailoring to your individual needs;
  • no transaction charges;
  • prompt payment processing;
  • access to market reports and commentary, and;
  • SPOT, Forward Contracts, and Market Orders.

The intelligent foreign exchange solutions offered by this package provides a service you won’t receive anywhere else because Aston engage fully with their clients to offer a bespoke solution that minimises currency exposure.

With access to major banks, global counter parties, and numerous liquidity providers, Aston are able to provide excellent rates of exchange, exceptional customer service, prompt trade execution, and secure, timely fund delivery.

Setting up an account is simple, and solutions are available for both Personal and Corporate clients.

A Choice of Contracts to Suit Your Needs


Spot contracts are for currency transactions that you need immediately or within the next five working days.

A Spot transaction is normally a two day transaction and Aston provide Automatic updates at each stage of the transfer.

Forward Contract

This type of currency purchase allows you to fix the exchange rate you want to use on a date, or within a date range, any time from one week to two years in the future.

Forward contracts are especially useful for businesses as they allow you to avoid risk by protecting against currency fluctuations along with giving you a fixed price to help with budgeting and protect profit margins.

3ESTNZY3KDMarket Order

Market order uses the time you have available to buy or sell your currency to try and achieve a better exchange rate than the current market rate (interbank).

If there is a particular exchange rate you want to try and achieve and you have time on your side, then you may find that ‘market order’ is the right contract for you.

To learn more about Currency Management and how Aston can help you, visit the Currency Management FAQ or contact us using the blue form on the right…

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