Pillar 3 pension review

Pillar 3 pensions in Switzerland

Having a Pillar 3 pension is important when living in Switzerland. Voluntary 3rd pillar contributions allow you to build your private pension and two options are available: Pillar 3a and Pillar 3b.

Tied Pillar 3a pensions are long-term plans where capital is locked into a retirement plan.

There are two maximum fund amount limits applicable to the Pillar 3a:

  1. Employees can fund their Pillar 3a to a capped amount of CHF 6,826.
  2. Those without a pension fund can contribute up to CHF 34,128 or a maximum of 20% of their net earned income.

Flexible Pillar 3b pensions, on the other hand, are plans which allow you to select your own parameters, both in terms of duration and contribution level to achieve your medium/long term goals. With a Pillar 3b, withdrawals are also possible prior to the maturity date.

Why get a Pillar 3 pension review?

Often, Pillar 3s are selected by default rather than reviewing the benefits and drawbacks of each scheme. Many expats on arriving in Switzerland will default to a bank Pillar 3. If you are only in Switzerland for a short period, this may be the right option for you. But if you are thinking of staying long-term, purchasing a home or saving towards education fees, there might be a more suitable option.

How the Pillar 3 pension review works

Fill out your contact details on the form to your left. One of our team will then get in touch to understand more about you and your specific requirements. We will then set up a meeting with a Financial Planner local to you for your review. You should expect the review to take 1–2 hours for us to fully understand your situation and pension plans. You will then be able to decide which is the plan best suited to your needs, be it through us, a partner or with another provider.