Case Studies

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The right solutions for different life stages

Seong was a busy expat living and working in Switzerland when we met him in 2016. He hadn’t before worked with a financial adviser so was, understandably, a little skeptical about what an adviser could do for he and his family.

Fortunately, Seong was open-minded enough to allow us to look into his financial situation and make recommendations for how we could help grow his savings and investments. A few years and smart decisions later, Seong and his family, who have since returned to Melbourne, Australia, are pleased with how their investments are performing.

The challenge

The greatest challenge for us was overcoming Seong’s skepticism about working with a financial adviser! Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult as Seong asked intelligent questions about what wealth management solutions we could offer for that point in his life. Seong and his wife Sue, also a busy expat professional working in Switzerland at the time, wanted to spend more time with their two young children, then aged 6 and 4. To help them achieve that, Seong and Sue were interested in paying an investment professional to manage their investments on their behalf.

The solution

We worked with Seong and Sue to identify the most appropriate investments based on their risk profile. After two short years and having seen solid returns, they were comfortable enough to go for higher-risk investments. They were also in a position where their financial situations had become more predictable, so it was easier to free up cash for higher-risk investments that yield the best returns for their children’s futures.

“I appreciate David’s holistic approach to my portfolio. He constantly looks to balance my risk exposure and takes my family’s entire situation into account before proposing anything new.”

The result

Working with UAG has resulted in Seong and Sue seeing greater returns on their investments than if they were to manage it themselves. UAG’s access to institutional funds means Seong and Sue have investments that would otherwise be inaccessible. On top of that, they were able to tap into our expertise on tax optimization ahead of their move from Switzerland to Australia. We were and remain committed to finding the right wealth management solutions for the various life stages of Seong and his family.

“The service I receive from David and his team is personal and professional as well as high quality. David checks in with me often enough throughout the year so I know my portfolio is in good hands, and I can ask questions whenever I need. It’s a good balance.

If I could request one service change from UAG it would be to see how my portfolio is performing annually when benchmarked against other, more sophisticated investors. If that were possible, I’d really welcome it.”