Spotlight interview with Vijay Kumar

19th October 2017

The Author: Craig Gardner
Craig works in the Madrid office as a Financial Planner and is responsible for helping clients make better financial decisions.

Vijay joins us with extensive International advisory experience from his career working in the Middle East and now in Europe spanning over twenty years.

He specialises in Investments, Savings, and Trusts but is passionate about focussing on ensuring his clients maintain and enhance their lifestyles.

What made you join UAG?  

Having worked both onshore and offshore, I was searching for a progressive, client-centric firm that had a global outlook and reach. One with major marketing techniques to acquire new clients and robust processes to look after existing clients; UAG ticked all the boxes.

I have found UAG to be a very professional company without the usual corporate restraints. UAG has the right mix of allowing individuals to flourish, while always placing the client at the heart of everything we do.

Describe yourself in three words…

Inspiring, innovative and knowledgeable

Can you share your best UAG moment?

Recently we attended a companywide conference in Palma, Majorca.  Even though I met a lot of people for the first time, it felt like being with family (and I’m not just saying that)!

What is something clients are surprised to learn about UAG?

We are holistic and don’t focus on product, unlike many other traditional financial advisory companies worldwide. We focus on enhancing lifestyles, and a ‘product’ may or may not be suitable. From the very start of a client relationship, it’s all about the client, not any financial product or service. As a result, clients stay with us for life. Clients also don’t know we have global offices.

Do you have a top financial/investment/life tip?

Have a plan that is evaluated and assessed by a professional in that field. Most of the time we’re in our own bubble, and sometimes, when a third party looks in and suggests an alternative approach, this can be life changing without breaking the bank! This applies to financials and life in general.

Now tell us a secret…

I don’t support any football clubs but, when asked, for some reason I always say, Chelsea! This, unfortunately, leads to a long conversation that I then can’t get out of!