Spotlight Interview with Craig Gardner

31st January 2017

The Author: Olivia Williams
Olivia works as a Customer Relationship Manager in Palma for United Advisers Marine. Olivia enjoys being the first point of contact for all her clients helping with any queries or questions they may have.

Craig is a valued addition to our team in Madrid. We actually can’t believe that he has been with us for two years already. You are likely to bump into Craig with his family where they enjoy exploring the Spanish terrain. Working as a Client Relationship Manager, Craig is often the first point of contact for new clients in Spain.

What made you join United Advisers?

A good friend already worked at United Advisers and they recommended applying as they enjoyed both the work and the working environment. Having worked together before in a similar role, albeit at a different company, I knew that I could trust his recommendation. I was convinced when he described UAG as “a breath of fresh air”. At the time I was not only looking for a new challenge but a company that delivered exceptional value to clients.

What is something clients are surprised to learn about UAG?

That we have several offices around the world, including Mexico. Because we manage client relationships closely and have a very personal service, clients often think that we are only local to them. Whilst this is a compliment, it does tend to surprise people when they discover just how international our business is.

Do you have a top financial/investment/life tip?

Invest with UAG! The sooner you start the better, however, it is never too late to make a difference to your financial future.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Alert, positive and tall

Can you share your best UAG moment?

Getting my first deal in June 2015. It had taken me a few months to help this client, but knowing that I had brought new business to the company was definitely a highlight. After I signed my first deal, I was able to use the learning of my first few months with UAG to improve the process. Whilst there are other client deals I am proud of, the first one for United Advisers, will always be special.

Now tell us a secret…

I sometimes wish I was a self-sufficient farmer living with my family on a remote island!

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