Spotlight Interview with Jonathan Pace

29th November 2018

The Author: Craig Gardner
Craig works in the Madrid office as a Financial Planner and is responsible for helping clients make better financial decisions.

Jonathan joins our Luxembourg team from an engineering and corporate development background with an MBA in finance and specialises in helping clients achieve financial independence through Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Outside of work Jonathan sits on the Board of a Luxembourg NGO that raises funds for children in Johannesburg with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses; their current project is constructing a training centre for home-based care within the next two years.

Apart from spending quality time with family, friends and playing football with his two boys, Jonathan enjoys scuba-diving and island-hopping on a sailing boat…although he admits that landlocked Luxembourg probably isn’t the best location for marine pursuits

What made you join UAG?

I wanted to leave the corporate world and start doing something that could benefit people at a personal level. So, when I was offered an opportunity to join a company that believes in personal lifestyle planning, I took the plunge and switched industries overnight!

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Empathetic – I love connecting with people at a very personal level

Practical – Due to my logical mind, compromising ways, and life experiences I believe that I can often get a buy-in from my clients to improve their attitude towards personal finances

Trustworthy – I was always the person everyone told their secrets to!

Can you share your best UAG moment?

The wow-look on a client’s face when s/he is shown the clarity of their future financial plan, be it good or bad!

What is something clients are surprised to learn about UAG?

They’re surprised that UAG provides lifestyle planning, something that they had not previously heard of, but then totally see the need for it.

Do you have a top financial/investment/life tip?

Know your number and work towards achieving that number – no more and no less.

Now tell us a secret…

I’ll pass on this one….