Spotlight interview with Tom Vjestica

21st June 2017

The Author: Olivia Williams
Olivia works as a Customer Relationship Manager in Palma for United Advisers Marine. Olivia enjoys being the first point of contact for all her clients helping with any queries or questions they may have.

Tom joined United Advisers Marine 3 months ago making him the newest addition to the team. Bringing great international experience, Tom joins the UAM team as a Customer Relationship Manager in Palma where we have recently opened an office. He is fluent in both French and Spanish and went travelling solo around South America for 3 months prior to joining the team.

What made you join United Advisers?

I always held an interest in both the financial and the marine sectors and when the opportunity arose to combine the two I jumped at the chance. The fact that in the marine division we have such a great team dynamic was also a big bonus.

What is something clients are surprised to learn about UAG?

I think we break the mould of the stereotypical financial advisors at UAM. Once our clients discover that we are very relatable people who share a lot of their passions and interests I think they are pleasantly surprised.

Do you have a top financial/investment/life tip?

It’s never too early to start to think about your financial future. Everyone should go out and enjoy their younger years, travel the world, follow their dreams. But it is so important to have a financial plan in place whilst you do this to build for the future.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Ambitious, active and adaptable

Can you share your best UAG moment?

The Yacht Shows are always really important events for us at UAM. My first show was right here at home for the Palma Super Yacht Show and the chance to meet so many crew face to face at the ACREW UNITED launch party was a great experience.

Now tell us a secret…

I was once a contestant on a UK TV quiz show…that is as far as I’m elaborating…no footage exists

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