Universal Access Bonds® to support our American clients

27th May 2019

The Author: Oliver Maher
Oliver is the Business Development Director at United Advisers. He looks after new clients to help them assess and review their immediate and long-term needs.

United Advisers Group will be using the recently launched Universal Access Bonds® (UAB®) to support their American/US connected clients living outside the U.S.

Financial planning and investing for Americans has become harder in recent years with the IRS and FATCA, causing Americans to be unwelcome at many financial institutions.  These changes have created challenges in opening bank accounts, and complicated tax codes with few quality investment options available as alternatives.

The recently launched UABs® wrap the underlying funds and allow expats, including Americans & U.S. connected persons, easy and compliant access to the benefits of investing in a diversified portfolio through underlying funds.  UABs® will launch with underlying funds managed by Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), one of Switzerland’s leading private banks, specialised in the field of wealth and asset management.

If you are interested in finding out more about Universal Access Bonds®, and discovering whether they are a suitable investment choice for you, we recommend getting in touch with our Swiss Office.

For those who are unsure whether they qualify as a US connected person, we have a two-minute video explaining the key points and challenges: