Wealth transfer

Cascading wealth down the generations


Keeping pace with costs and standards of living is becoming increasingly hard for current and future generations; there has never been a better time to help children and younger beneficiaries.

Managing your estate is a specialist task, particularly across borders with different jurisdictions and rules.

When estate planning we look at three important factors:

  • whether you have enough funds to share;
  • tax liabilities and planning, and;
  • the administration of your estate in adherence to your wishes.
We offer an expert Succession Planning Service, including:
  • Estate Planning Health Check
  • Specialist cross border Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Complete knowledge of domiciled or residency issues
  • Financial administration of bank accounts, assets and investments across multiple countries
  • Establishing the legal framework
  • Will writing, Lasting Power Of Attorney, and ‘Living Wills’
  • Establishment of Trusts
  • Gifting
Our relationship encompasses:
  • Your own personal Adviser
  • Assessment of your current circumstances
  • Assessment of the tax efficiency of your current arrangements
  • Investment recommendations based on your needs
  • Implementation, financial administration, and management
  • Regular monitoring and re-balancing within your risk profile
  • Protection planning
  • Annual planning meetings to review progress and plan for the future
  • Cross-border expertise

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