Why we are a FEIFA member

2nd September 2019

The Author: Paul Evans
Paul is both a client adviser and responsible for setting the strategy and vision for United Advisers.

United Advisers Group is proud to be a FEIFA member and we wanted to explain what this means for our clients.

What is FEIFA

‘FEIFA’ stands for The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers.

It is a non-profit trade association that, for the last decade, has represented, supported, and assisted English-speaking Financial Advisers (IFAs) operating throughout mainland Europe. While it exists to help IFAs, FEIFA aims to increase professional and technical advice standards for the ultimate benefit of consumers.

For us, our FEIFA membership is a valuable value-for-money resource that provides invaluable and highly relevant think-tank and brain-pool business and client-facing support.

FEIFA also extends crucial direct links to both European and UK regulators. It also offers authoritative information about continually changing rules and regulations that affect how we operate within the financial industry.

FEIFA pays particular attention to supporting and spreading good practices within the advice industry and, by the standards expected it of its members, engenders and enhances professionalism by increasing quality and expertise.

What this means for UAG clients

The benefits provided to FEIFA members help create significant advantages for our clients, including:

Peace of Mind:

Each application to join FEIFA is independently vetted to confirm that the company meets Federation criteria. Membership is only available at the Federation’s discretion, adding a layer of comfort to prospective and existing clients.

Up to date knowledge and advice:

FEIFA assists members in numerous ways with ongoing professional development. Annual Conferences, regular Masterclass seminars, a monthly members’ magazine, and consistent dissemination of industry and product information to members, all contribute to keeping advisers at the leading edge of industry and financial planning knowledge and expertise. So, you can be sure your adviser regularly updates and enhances technical expertise and provides advice that is both current and relevant.

More extensive choices and opportunities:

FEIFA strives to make sure members have the broadest possible access to financial products and funds, giving you access to greater choices and opportunities than might otherwise be available.

Improved Service Levels:

FEIFA helps provide members with assistance, and expertise around staff recruitment leading to considerable cost-saving potential, and with the ultimate aim of providing you with better service levels.

Learn more about FEIFA and the benefits from the video below, or visit